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Touchless car wash is it a new trend or just another way of car wash


Touchless car wash may be a frequent topic within the auto detailing industry. Some claim it’s the simplest method of long-term maintenance for finishes over time, while others claim it’s the safest.

At Signature Detailing in North New Jersey, clients frequently invite advice for car washing techniques. thanks to the extremes of seasonal climate changes, pollen levels, insects, tree sap, and snow and road salts deicing chemicals used on roads we don’t recommend Touchless car wash as an efficient thanks to fully clean automotive surfaces.

While Touchless car washing might help reduce friction on the paint over time, it’s lacking in its ability to wash surfaces. By examining the advantages and shortcomings of the Touchless Car Washing Method, it can quickly be seen that this method isn’t the top all be all of auto surface maintenance.

Advantages of touchless car wash method

Friction on the surface decreases with time, minimising small scratches and marrying caused by friction.

Savings of time. The service is swift because there are fewer steps involved.

Some Benefits

  1. Heavy soiling, road film, de-icing chemicals, and bug remains are all difficult to deal with.
  2. Inability to get rid of Topical Contamination Partially Bonded to Surface.
  3. Rubber trim, plastic parts, and probably the paint itself can be harmed by strong chemicals.

So it’s true that Touchless car wash is often quicker and should help prevent fewer marks on surfaces from friction over time on vehicle surfaces.

However, overall a Touchless wash is far less effective at fully cleaning surfaces. Additionally, automated Touchless car wash generally has difficulty tackling an outsized amount of heavy soiling that regularly occurs in fall and winter seasons.

How it costs to construct car wash station

First and foremost, consider the site, followed by the land, equipment, and construction costs.

A touchless automated car wash machine with a dual-arm jet wash configuration will cost between $21,000 and $23,000.

Expect to ante up to $80,000 for more sophisticated designs with wheel-cleaning systems and dryer facilities.

Do you decide to purchase or lease land? Due diligence is important because costs can vary considerably between different locations and states.

Buying land can add value to your business but leasing could also be a cheaper option for little business owners who want to accumulate a bigger site when first entering the market. Also, believe future business growth. 

If you’ll allow a bigger lot, it exposes opportunities to feature more bays and services further down the road . As a rough estimate, budget around $45,000 per bay to hide costs for touchless car wash equipment, land and construction. 

Bear in mind, if you choose higher-end equipment and buy a site in an upscale area, your costs are going to be considerably more.

Cost of car wash using this method

Manually washing a vehicle on a daily schedule with a standard wash, employing a dedicated car shampoo and a fanatical automotive Wash Mitt is the best method of cleaning surfaces. 

Additionally, counting on the soiling level of the surface, or a Rinseless or Waterless Wash method using Optimum No Rinse (ONR) with dedicated high-quality microfiber towels is another great method to completely clean automotive surfaces.

When used at regular intervals, both of these manual wash techniques prevent topical contamination from sitting and eventually bonding to exterior surfaces. Consider removing vehicle surface contamination like caring for a white collared shirt.

If it’s worn once and skin transfer to the collar is just removed. However, if the shirt is worn 3-4 times for a full day, the ring around the collar is harder to completely remove. it’s an equivalent with vehicle washing, a daily schedule of manual washing will make sure the surface remains clean long-term.

Of course, the sort of wash method determined for vehicle surfaces is predicated on a variety of things , but either a standard wash with a mitt and car shampoo or a Rinseless/Waterless with towels and merchandise , both function to truly remove regular road film or other contamination from the surface. 


A Touchless car wash cannot do that and its aggressive chemicals might possibly cause rubber, plastic, or maybe painted surfaces to possess negative reactions.

So while the Touchless wash method could also be a safer alternative than an automatic car wash with brushes, it’s not the top all. Recognize that, similar to clothes and a washer, surface agitation is needed to fully eliminate all types of grime and contamination.

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