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5 Best and Top Selling Hero Bikes in India


Hero is known to manufacture quality bikes fitting in the budget of the common people. This is the primary reason for the firm’s rising demand for bikes in the market.

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One has to check and compare hero bike specifications before selecting the one to be purchased. But before moving on, we like to tell you that in 2021 Hero MotoCorp has 4.5 Lakhs units of two-wheelers sold in India with total revenue of 686 crores. Below, there is a complete guide to make the comparison easy.

Some top-selling Hero bikes along with specifications are:

  • Hero Splendor

Hero Splendor has proved to be a reliable bike with various features and low maintenance costs. Although the bike does not comprise advanced features or a stylish look, it is best for people who prefer durability over the vehicle’s appearance.

The bike has an engine of 97.2 cc and produces power and torque of 8.02 Ps at 8000 RPM and 8.05 Nm at 6000 RPM, respectively. The fuel capacity of the vehicle is 9.8 L. It has a commuter body type. 

The speedometer, odometer and trip meter are analog. The bike also has a fuel gauge, and the bike’s gear system is the classic 4-speed one. The weight of the vehicle is around 110 kg.

Hydraulic shock absorbers are present in the front suspension and 5 step adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers in the rear. The mileage provided by the vehicle is 57-81 km/L depending upon the driving condition. 

The price of the vehicle ranges from Rs. 74000 to Rs. 85000. To buy a Hero bike of any model, one can search Hero bikes at Droom and can check every feature and specifications to make an informed buying decision.

  • Hero HF Deluxe

Another durable choice of the people is Hero HF Deluxe. The bike comes with all the basic functions at an affordable price. Moreover, the integrated braking system is installed in the bike, which may be classic but efficient.

The bike’s engine is similar to Hero Splendor, 97.2 cc with similar power and torque 8.02 Ps at 8000 RPM and 8.05 Nm at 6000 rpm, respectively. However, the bike has a slightly lower fuel capacity than usual (9.6 L).

Both the speedometer and odometer are analog, and the transmission mode is manual. The weight of the vehicle is around 112 kg. The bike uses the classic halogen headlight. 

The bike gives a 60-70 km/L mileage depending on the driving conditions. The price range of the vehicle is Rs. 54000- Rs. 64000.

  • Hero Passion Pro

 The company designed Hero Passion Pro while adding additional features and advanced specifications. The design also has a different look than the classic hero bikes. However, due to no compromise inefficiency, the bike is an option for many people go for.

The bike’s engine is 113 cc, producing power and torque of 9.15 Ps at 7500 RPM and 9.89 Nm at 5000 RPM. The vehicle has a fuel capacity of 10 L. Only the speedometer is left analog, while the odometer and trip meter are digital.

The front suspension consists of conventional forks, and the rear one has twin shocks. The weight of the bike is 118 kg. It gives a mileage of 60 km/ L. The price of the vehicle is around Rs. 71000 to Rs. 76000.

  • Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour is a viable option for people who can afford a bit costly bike with additional advanced functions. The body also comes with a stylish and different look, which is why the younger generation prefers this bike.

The bike’s engine is 124.7 cc, generating power of 10.7 Ps at 7500 RPM and a torque of 10.6 Nm at 6000 pm. In addition, the vehicle’s fuel capacity is increased to 10 L compared to other models.

Additional features like navigation, charging feature and mobile connectivity are also present in the bike. The front suspension is telescopic, and the back consists of 5 step adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers. 

The bike gives a mileage of 55-70 km/L depending upon the driving conditions. The price range of the vehicle is Rs. 76000 to Rs. 86000.

  • Hero Super Splendor

Hero Super Splendor is an upgrade in the regular Hero Splendor with features such as add-ons and efficient functioning. The model does not compromise durability. 

It has an engine of 124.7 cc, producing power and torque of 10.8 Ps at 7500 RPM and 10.6 Nm at 6000 RPM. In addition, the vehicle’s fuel capacity has increased to 12 L, which is much more than the classic Splendor model. 

The speedometer, odometer and trip meter are analog. A new device, the tachometer, is introduced in the bike which is also analog. The gearbox is upgraded to the 5-speed one to preserve the fuel while travelling through the highway.

The bike gives a mileage of 55-75 km/L, depending on the condition in which the individual is driving. The price of the bike is around Rs. 75000- Rs. 79000.

The Conclusion

Hero has earned a big name in the sector of bikes as the firm is known to design highly durable products. Hero bikes are a perfect example of high and straightforward power vehicles. 

Second-hand vehicle markets also have a tremendous demand for bikes manufactured by Hero MotoCorp. 

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