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Planning a Backyard Playground With Asphalt


Planning to create a backyard playground is easily one of the most exciting things you can do for your children. Playgrounds are an important part of childhood, harnessing vital skills from bonding with friends, all the way up to mimicking a monkey’s strength and plotting an escape from “Jungle Gym Castle.” 

The pros of using asphalt for your background playground over other materials

The material you choose to use to create your playground foundation is just as important as choosing the playground equipment itself. Asphalt is created using a mix of aggregates, binder and filler. Whether you choose to go the route of laying asphalt by hand, or hiring a professional to handle the entire asphalt laying procedure for you, asphalt is by far the best choice in terms of its durability and affordability. 

Its affordability means that you can save more money which can rather be spent on the things that really count, like designing a super fun playground. It also means that you can spend a bit extra on ensuring that the playground itself is created to be as safe to use as possible, like by adding padding to the floor or covering any sharp edges.

The durability which asphalt offers means that you can design your playground without having to worry about it deteriorating anytime soon. Although your kids may eventually outgrow their playground as they get older, future generations will still be able to enjoy it, along with any friends with children who may come around to enjoy it.  

Another benefit of using asphalt for your playground is that it can be painted using acrylic paint, meaning that you can design floor games like hopscotch and colour or number blocks where kids can learn an array of skills, without having to spend much money. These games can also be painted over and changed as they get bored or outgrow them. 

The best spot to place your playground in terms of safety

You’ll want to ensure that you place your new playground in as safe a place as possible, perhaps even putting up a fence around it, depending on the age of children who will be using it. A good spot for your playground would be in a levelled area, away from any hazards like swimming pools or driveways. 

Another thing to consider is placing the playground in an area which gets both sun and shade. You know the saying “time flies when you are having fun?” Well, time really does pass quickly on the playground, and before you know it, your child may be sunburnt if there’s no place to shelter from the sun. 

Consider the best layout in terms of size and space

It may seem obvious, but it’s a good idea to measure your playground area and the actual playground equipment before investing in anything. You may have something amazing in mind, which could quickly turn into the tears of an extremely disappointed child if your measurements are off. 

If you have a small backyard, search for playground items with multiple uses, like monkey bars with swings attached or playgrounds with multiple levels, over single skill items. Running around playing ball games or tag are also important for children, so be sure to leave some space for these activities too, if possible. 

Another thing to keep in mind when considering size and space is to rather invest in items which can grow as your children do, rather than getting items that may be too small for them to use in the near future. You may even wish to choose playground items that can be altered to become more challenging as the years go by. 

Explore themes, picnic areas and lounging spots

Themes can transform even the most simple playground equipment into any child’s dreamland. When putting together your plan for your backyard playground, try to include your children in the creative process. This way, you can work on their creativity skills whilst also ensuring that you create something which they will actually enjoy using.

When choosing the theme, make sure it holds longevity or can easily be altered as their interests change and grow. This could be in the form of a simple paint job, or something more out there like their favourite storybook characters. Either way, nothing quite spruces up an old playground like giving it a new look!

Considering picnic areas or lounging spots around the playground are also important when planning a backyard playground. Some children will be old enough to be left alone in the play area, but others could require adult supervision. These chill areas allow parents or guardians a space to relax on their own or with other parents, whilst the kids play. 

While picnic areas are great for the entire family to spend time together outdoors, a simple bench under the shade will do if you find yourself short on space. 

Ways to prolong and best look after your asphalt playground 

Spotting any cracks or damage as soon as possible will ensure that you can repair it as quickly and easily as possible, which will prolong the overall life of your asphalt foundation. Try to clean away the playground area of any debris at least once a week, so that no damage will go unnoticed. 

Another way to prolong the life of your asphalt playground floor is by sealing it with a protective coating, which will help to shield it from water damage. You’ll also want to ensure that you put the correct drainage in place when you first build your asphalt foundation, so that you prevent any flood buildup from occurring below the asphalt.

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