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Safety is what matters most so choose steering wheel wisely


Most of the steering wheel locks we researched had equivalent design problems. They might be defeated with a well-placed kick, a pointy hacksaw blade, or an experienced lockpicker. The Disklok was the only steering wheel lock on the market that could withstand these common car theft techniques.

Its steel shell has no visible weak points that scream Cut here! Even Disklok owners have to wiggle the key to get it to open because the lock is so difficult to pick (which is really an intentional safety feature).

Its weight and size make it less convenient to hold with you than a number of the opposite locks we studied, but it outperforms the competition when it involves security ifvod.

Security comes first

If you would like a lock that’s quite just a deterrent and provides you real car theft protection, Disklok is that the clear choice.

When it isn’t on your wheel , the Disklok looks (and feels) quite sort of a Frisbee the Hulk might use, but on your wheel it’s more like an impenetrable wheel lock fortress.

It weighs about the maximum amount as a ball (11 lb.) and it operates a sort of a childproofing door knob cover. You lock it in situ over the wheel , and if you are trying to show , the Disklok spins freely, making it impossible to steer.

It takes two hands to place it on, but it is easy to lock and doesn’t require you to ratchet up the strain for a decent fit like club-style locks.

Low points

The Disklok isn’t without its weaknesses. We saw a man with a metal grinder cut it off in about three and a half minutes. 

However, in terms of car theft time, that’s a long time, and using power tools will be loud enough to attract a lot of attention. Because the Disklok is different from most conventional bar-style steering wheel locks it takes longer to work out, so it is a good deterrent. 

With manual tools, it might be impossible to get rid of. Just confirm you decide on a Disklok steering wheel lock device that is the right size for your wheel , because if it’s too snug it won’t work correctly.


The bright yellow plastic coating on the Club 3000 makes it easy for a thief to spot, and the double hook nature makes it difficult for a thief to get rid of.

It had been the locking device’s twin-hook design that put it in our top three, because the 2 hooks automatically make it twice as hard for a would-be thief to chop it off your wheel.

The reinforced housing round the lock helps protect against drilling, but someone with lockpicking skills can easily pick the wafer lock and take away the device.


The lock also can be defeated by sheer force; a hard hit or kick can bend the chromoly steel tubing enough to get rid of it.

Fortunately, the Club 3000’s suppliers give a $500 insurance deductible guarantee if the system fails.

But you’ve got to urge through quite a bit of bureaucratic procedure before you see the cash . Even, for about $20, you can get a highly visible theft deterrent without spending a lot of money.

Final words

If you drive a bigger vehicle and yellow isn’t your color, you’ll want to undertake the red Club 2100 on for size. a bit like its Club cousins, 

The 2100 uses hooks on either end and a steel ratcheting system on  your steering wheel lock. The clubbed end extends bent prevents a would-be thief from turning the wheel.

A determined thief can hacksaw through the chrome-covered ratcheting column within the center or drill through the lock to get rid of it, 

But The Club remains an honest visual deterrent. We like the device’s universal fit and, as a result, the manufacturer’s $1,800 deductible reimbursement guarantee.

Unfortunately, the guarantee is sweet only up to a year and every one the paperwork has got to be done via mail.

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