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Is it safe for me to drive with a nail in tire?


A nail in tire is inconvenient, costly to repair, and potentially dangerous. The damage caused by a nail in a tire can vary, and you may have a nail in your tire and be unaware of it. It’s a fairly common occurrence, making you wonder why our roads appear to be littered with nails as if a vengeful carpenter is hurling them from highway bridges.

When you first notice a nail in your tire, it could be because you have a slow puncture and are attempting to locate the source of it. You may have had a blowout, and there’s no denying something bad has occurred.Alternatively, your garage may draw your attention to it during routine service or MOT. In any case, knowing how to handle the situation is beneficial.

Is it possible to repair a nail in my tire?

Damage caused by a nail in tire can sometimes be repaired. It is determined by the location of the damage as well as the extent of the damage. If you’ve just had new, expensive tires installed, it may be tempting to opt for a repair, but this could be a costly mistake. When a nail is embedded in a tire, the tire’s integrity is jeopardized.

It may be a good temporary fix if you are away from home and prefer to have your new tire fitted by your local garage, but it may not be a good long-term solution, and slow punctures can often occur even after a repair. A good garage will be able to tell you whether or not your tire damage is repairable. 

Taking their advice as a replacement for minor damage may appear extravagant and excessive, but it may be necessary to keep you safe. If you are concerned that the garage is simply trying to sell you a new tire, you can always seek a second opinion.

There are several laws, rules, and regulations regarding tire repairs for safety reasons. For example, if the nail has damaged the outer quarter of the tread or the tire sidewalls, a repair is not permitted by law, and you must replace it instead. 

Furthermore, if the tire has already been repaired, a second repair is not allowed, and it is time for a new tire. The tire should also have at least 3mm of tread remaining. If you can and choose to repair the tire, a relatively simple procedure involves filling the hole with rubber and reinflating the tire ifvod.

How much does it cost to repair a tire that has been punctured?

If your garage deems the puncture damaged repairable, and within the government’s legal requirements, you shouldn’t be surprised by the bill. Most large chain stores, such as Halfords and National Tyres, offer repairs for around £25. 

There are also state-to-state car shipping service that will come to you and fix the problem by taking you to the garage.

Is it safe to drive with a flat tire?

You must have your tire checked and repaired as soon as possible. You may still be able to drive, but only if necessary, such as exiting a busy road or going to a nearby garage. Don’t dismiss it and go about your business as if you’ll deal with it later. It may not appear to be a big deal right now, but once on the road, the damage could worsen and become extremely dangerous. 

One important piece of advice is to avoid pulling the nail out. It may be tempting to remove the offending piece of metal, but this will only exacerbate the problem because the nail keeps at least some air in the tire. If you need to get to the garage, leave the nail where it is.

What is the best place to get a puncture repaired?

Most garages can assess your tire and tell you whether you need a new tire or if a repair is possible. You’ll likely need a replacement tire, and even if a repair is possible, you might prefer to get a new tire now rather than risk further problems later. Tire Runner makes it simple to find the best tire for your vehicle at the best price.

The Tire Runner service compares all major UK retailers, including mobile and mail order tire services, as well as every major tire brand, to help you find the perfect tire for your vehicle. Check out our extensive network of partner garages and providers to find the best tires in your area right now.

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